Return and Refund Policy

  • Non Refundable : Please note the “Advance Payment” is “Non-Refundable” in case of cancellation for domestic orders. In situations of foreign orders, 75% of the amount deposited will not be refunded. This regulation applies for only custom made orders.
  • In case of ordering an item already in stock, we will not provide a refund but permit an exchange in place of the item already ordered, under the condition of returning it within 3 days for domestic orders and 1 week for foreign orders.
  • The event of cancellation will be subject to charges and compensation.
  • In the event of any damages to any items after delivery will be thorough examined before any further steps can be taken with regards to the item.
  • We also may update theĀ  Return and Refund policy accordingly and may do without any prior notice to our customers.