Governer's Mansion (GM) - Dikoya in Hatton

Architect/Owner: .../Dr. Frank Silva

Country/Location: Srilanka/Dikoya in Hatton

Description: This Stunning Boutique Hotel was once the "Governors Mansion"  where his two nieces the present Queen of England and her sister visited their uncle and to this day it is known by this name. Dr.Frank Silva who is the present proud owner of this magnificient 14 bedroom property worked very hard at not changing many of the original architecture.  Dr.Frank who lives in England with his wonderful family is well read about the history of this property that makes it all a wonderful experience to visit .When walking through the house one will see each different room consisting of elegant designs handcrafted by AVIKANS in Brass. We also created designs in Aluminium for the outdoor and Garden lighting .  We are all proud when Dr.Frank keeps us updated of all the wondeful comments that his guests make regarding the beautiful Lighting at the GM.