Ceylon Continental Hotel

Architect/Owner: Mr. U.K. Sharma/Mr. U.K. Sharma

Location: Colombo1

Decription: Designs were created or modified to meet Mr.U.K. Sharma's vision for this hotel where he along with AVIKANS worked tirelessly night and day to create what was required.

Chanderliers, Wall fittings, Table/Floor lamps were individually handcrafted in Brass / Copper for every area including various other custom made Metal fabrications (i.e. kitchen equipment, cladding in Copper, door handles, Curtain rings, Sign boards, Picture frames, hinges, knobs, railings...). Chandelier's, Table lamps and Floor lamps consisted of beautiful designs and components made of Cast Brass .

The Hotel already had lamps by AVIKANS before the Hotel changed ownership and some of them were still in good condition to be used .

We are proud to have manufactured all the Lighting for Ceylon Continental Hotel - Colombo under the management and ownership of Mr.U.K.Sharma and his team.